Shunpike Dairy
Millbrook, NY

welcome to real milk in dutchess county

Dairy farms were once a common sight in Dutchess County....But today, there are but  four in the Town of Washington. 

Shunpike Dairy remains, and hopes to not only continue the tradition of dairy farming, but also to open its doors to the community, both young and old alike. 

Here, you can learn the art of dairy farming -- talk to the farmer that operates it, meet the cows, the calves, the pigs, our horse, dog and cats, experience life on a farm, or just buy raw milk.

All visitors, including well-behaved children, are welcome to enter the barn and meet our cows and calves. Milking time is 6am and 5pm if anyone would like to watch the cows get milked.

Raw Milk Sales
We currently have no specific store hours established, but it is usually better to come during daylight hours. If you are traveling from a distance, it is best to call ahead. There is always milk available. 

Jars are available to be filled, or you can bring your own container to be filled.
  • ½ gallon jars  $6 with milk.          Refills -- $3/half gallon
  • Quart jars  $4 with milk.               Refills -- $2/quart

Bring your own container:  $6/gal.    $3/half gal.     $2/qt.

We now have a limited supply of  free-range eggs available at $3 /dz.

Check out The Hook Magazine July/Aug. 2013 edition featuring Shunpike Dairy.(Pg: 22-27)

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