About Us



Tonelwin Farm has been in the Baldwin Family since the 1930’s. Three generations have milked Holstein cows in the barn that is now Shunpike Dairy LLC, home of a variety of breeds – Ayshire, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey, Linebacker, and still a few of the original family of Holsteins. The family has continued to expand with the community with new animals, local products, and friends along the way. Come by and meet the heard! 

Raw Milk Sales



Shunpike Dairy received NYS certification to sell raw milk in July, 2010. After several months of remodeling the milk room that was used for conventional dairying for decades, we finally met with approval to begin the adventure of opening up our doors to any and all that wanted to buy raw milk.

The Brown Swiss and Jersey are considered to give “creamier” milk, Holsteins and Ayshires  give “more” milk. The variety however is nice for educational purposes for visitors, and they look great out in the pasture! We also have friendly barn cats, horses, bulls, chickens, and many other animal friends to make your experience exceptional. 

Health Facts


No antibiotics or hormones are ever given to the cows, but the main reason the milk tastes so good, is because our cows are stress-free. Fluctuations in flavor are due to changes in feed, much harder to keep consistent in winter when no pasture is available. 


Meet the Farmer

Elizabeth Baldwin

Liz Baldwin - Entrepreneur, Mother, and active community member opened Shunpike Dairy in 2010 and proudly celebrates 8 years of raw milk sales in Millbrook, NY. 

Elizabeth grew up in New York City yet always had aspirations of working in the horticulture, agriculture, and dairy industry. She studied Sociology at Hampshire College and quickly learned that while people were interesting, she preferred animals as her colleagues.  In 1983, Liz answered an ad in 'The Dairy Herdsman' posted by William Baldwin (unknowingly by the father of her children) which led her to the farm she operates today. Down the road, Elizabeth transitioned from mother to teacher - homeschooling her four children Katie, Timothy, Rebekah, and David for many years while also becoming captain of the Millbrook Rescue Squad, bus driver, her children's baseball and softball coach, and active community member. After her husbands passing, she became the sole owner of what was previously known as Tonelwin Farm.

Until 2010, the farm that Liz operated sold milk to distributors who would pasteurize the milk and sell in grocery stores that anyone can visit day to day. Occasionally, friends of the family would ask about purchasing raw milk but due to restrictions she was unable to provide such a service. Elizabeth realized she had nothing to lose by gaining the certifications to become a raw milk distributor, thus Elizabeth became an entrepreneur and Shunpike Dairy was born.  

Today, Elizabeth can be found around the property working with the animals or traveling around the states with her boyfriend in her Winnebago. Rebekah is constantly working with the animals and is always an approachable face at the farm. Her other children can be found in South Carolina, Montana, or Seattle. Elizabeth is constantly offering products from local Hudson Valley community members and is readily available to anyone who has ideas or suggestions to make her business better. 

Feel free to come by and meet Elizabeth and her heard whenever in the Hudson Valle

Shunpike Dairy Interview

Liz Baldwin discussing the many benefits of Raw Milk and operating a business in Millbrook, NY